Sunday, May 08, 2005

ok.. im back here to liven e blog.. seems like no 1 is free or wdv to update.. this poor blog is dying! or shld i say decaying.. lols. i will look 4 a better skin some day.. =) can any fhorn member pls blog this???? =\ in fact i tyk all section blogs r pretty dead or sth now.. haha. ok. i need to pack my bag 4 camp 2mr. ltr!


Thursday, November 18, 2004

yay.. i did a new skin.. it is copyrighted by jac alrite.. =)) e tagboard is down.. wth.. oh well.. haha.. shld i go back 4 band?!?! =(( bt i wana go out play oso.. heez~ n besides it's onli a few days to master shi0 many pieces!! yikes~ i will go n take a look someday.. den come n decide.. keke~ ok.. im back to muggin.. cya!!

18 DEC '04

new skin!!

- Jac

Friday, September 10, 2004

yes yes.. jac is saving e poor rotting horn blog.. sighh.. no 1 cares abt updating.. oh well. nt enthu enuf.. too bad im outta band or else can make em blog.. bt jaclyn is dun need to ask kind.. haha.. no offence.. bt she is too studious.. so mayb nxt yr or sometyg. heard tt band is getting fun.. im out suffering! wth. nvm, i will enjoy myself more after my Os.. bwahaha.. take loadies!! band rox hurr.. it's midnight now.. gotta slp.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

put up e links now.. oh wells. teehee.. regina claims tt we left e ex seniors out.. so i put their names now.. =P take care

links added

Saturday, July 10, 2004

heya.. back after some time.. changed e layout.. n e pix.. oso 4 in da section.. jux like us.. now big jac is out of band n small jac is in to band.. haha.. our generation of jac's is nt depleted!! so now i suppose it's still sophie n jac huh? i hope. haha.. =P now our section onli has 3 members.. need to recruit more.. we haf 4 horn parts!! saw sophie at sectionals yday when i went 4 maths lesson.. felt kinda weird when im nt e 1 playing, teaching n scolding now.. congrats sophie 4 da new SL! haha.. told ya tt u'll get e post. did i spell post correctly? oh well. mon is photo-taking session.. at 5pm!! ok.. like wad e sec4s n 5s gona do? c em play? haha.. tt's pretty cool.. or shall we study? i duno. bt it's e last time im wearing tt uniform.. =) at least u dun need e beret.. or i'll scream!! jux kidding. haha.. goodbye 4 now..

horn pple remember to add posts!

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

ya.. pop was yday.. always tot i wld luv it.. bt leaving my dear section behind is e worst part.. especially sophie i mux say.. haha.. shock huh? it's a fact tt our section has gt cliques cux both yani n charlene always 'cuddle' 2gether to tok.. so ya.. when i was sec1.. felt very very left out.. even if i was sorta close to maryanne.. she's still a senior after all.. a band majourite.. commands respect n wadeva stuff.. realli stressful to 'play' wif her cux u nv noe when u will get another punishment.. especially POP.. she sat there wif a super gd posture.. i even had backache after that.. still can remember.. bt im nt tt kinda pple tt will get back.. bt she kinda misses band once evry wk due to her MEP lessons.. until sophie came in.. ya.. she was uber quiet!! i can nearly faint.. still rmb e 1st time she empty her saliva onto her shoes.. tt was realli realli hilarious.. haha.. if u bring me to e shoe shop i promise i can recognise which shoe was it!! n we argued n argued almost evryday! haha.. al least she was up to it.. some pple jux gave up after a few sentences.. yikes~ so after some time she wasnt tt quiet after all? haha.. crappy n way to funny! bring lotsa laughter.. =) staying up freakin late jux to rite this entry to sophie.. yday she cried.. she said lotsa stuff.. pple may laugh bt yea.. SHE'S ALSO A HUMAN!! i didnt cry cux i'm shocked n sad in e heart.. i dun realli show it.. mayb partly oso cux sat is still my last day after all noe.. i might cry on tt day.. mayb.. =( bt when u said those wrds.. im doumbfounded.. realli duno wad to say! omg omg omg.. 1st time can.. duno wad i was tyking.. all i noe is tt im gona miss her.. miss e section.. bt still her e most!! dun wry i will come back some day to help u out wif small jac.. =) hope she will be my reflection someday yea? after all she has gt music background.. she jux need e skill and all.. jux pump in confidence into her.. tt's it.. ur wrk will be much easier!! tt's all fer now.. mom's nagging n stuff..

jux wana leave a very, uber, extremely, super duper impt msg:
I REALLI REALLI LOVE U SOPHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i thnk god 4 letting me noe u...


Sunday, June 20, 2004

i dun seem to be able to link e section blogs.. it's stated in the template bt when i view e blog it wasnt there.. ahhh!! wdv. i'll truy another day.. my section pple doesnt seem to haf received my mail so it will be dead 4 awhile.. until mayb ltr if i remember to tell em.. heez~

prrob wif da links..

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